Thursday, 24 November 2011

Too wet to dig

Lately I've been at work during days when the sun has shone, but when it comes to my day off it's foggy and too wet for me to do any clearing/digging on the lottie. Last Monday was such a day.

 I went down to see if it really was as wet as I thought and I left 10 mins later with a carrier bag full of curly kale and boots that were 3 inches taller from mud sticking to the soles. So after spending every spare moment of the last 7 months on the lottie, I was at a loss - how was I going to spend my free afternoon? Doing housework? Nah! Making a gardening apron, from a couple of pairs of jeans. Yes!

Over the course of the summer I'd found that the pockets of my jeans were often too small and too few to hold everything I wanted them to hold eg twine, secateurs, penknife, seed packets etc. I'd bought my brother one for his birthday recently and I nearly kept it for myself it looked so useful. But being a handy kinda gal I decided I would have a go at making one for (practically) nothing. My daughter had left behind a couple of pairs of jeans when she first went to uni. Having graduated earlier this year I guessed that she didn't want them anymore, and she's not here to argue. So rather than recycling them I decided to upcycle them.

From this:
To this:

 First I used a leg to make a rectangular piece to form the apron bit. Then, just visible in the photo above, I used the front of one pair of jeans, having cut out the zip, studs and belt loops to make it easier to sew, and attached this.  I used the back pocket section to make a large pocket and positioned this slightly lower than the first set of pockets. I had to even up the central seam on this bit to make it lie straight as this has a curve. I used one of the remaining legs to make a waistband and sewed the front of the apron to it. A final set of pockets was made from the bottom of two legs. This was sewn onto the back of the waistband.
 I used a plastic clip for a fastener - 75p from the haberdashery stall on the local market - it was the only thing I bought.
 The back pockets from a pair make a huge pocket with 2 small pockets.

 The result? A 7 pocket apron. Cost? 75p for a clip fastener, a few yards of thread, two pairs of old jeans and a bit of electricity for the sewing machine. Now that's what I call economy.

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