Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Pining away

After...(you can see the before in the previous post)

 I'm not sure what these trees were, Leylandii perhaps or some kind of pine, but they have the same  properties of growing very quickly, sucking all the nutrients and water out of the ground and blocking light from the neighbouring area. Anyway, they have been skulking in the far corner of the plot, lurking and looming and continuing to grow. But they had pigeons nesting in them, so nothing could be done about them till the breeding season was over as lots of fellow allotmenteers kept reminding me.

I have planned to make this area my fruit growing area, with space for a shed there too. The story of my shed will be the topic of a future post. Needless to say the shed is in pieces under the carport, blocking the drive and garage and generally getting in the way for the past month. So it was suggested that I pull my finger out and level a 9ft x 5ft patch for the base to go on. This meant getting rid of the conifers first. Thankfully I have wonderful allotment neighbours who have a chainsaw so the offending trees were soon no more as of Sunday afternoon.

Today is my day off work, so I've spent the day trimming off the branches and making a neat stack of trunks, which will be used for bean poles. fruit cage supports and failing that home to mini beasts. Once that was done I started to clear and level off the bit for the shed base.

We will get the slabs for the base tomorrow and hopefully the shed will be up by the weekend.

Phew, I'm aching a bit now. But it was wonderful being out in the fresh air, autumn sun shining and being serenaded by a robin who was after the bugs I'd excavated. Isn't nature wonderful?

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